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Whilst you’re exploring, you’re welcome to read through our Famously Asked Questions below too.

Enjoy treating your wanderlust.

Quiet, hidden bars are a favourite on our New York food tours.

Restorative Sedona

8 days, 7 Nights

Date: 14th – 21st September 2019

The ultimate trip for vibrant, like-minded women who crave genuine connections. Imagine honest conversations in a private villa with gorgeous views, experiences you couldn’t possibly find on your own, and new friends you’ll keep forever. This trip will truly change your life.

Watch the land come alive on your tour of Poland. żyję: 'to live' and our native Polish host will help you do it like a local.

Poland Comes Alive

12 Days, 11 Nights

Date: 1st – 12th June 2019

Żyję: to live. Explore rich fields, warm homes and charming castles in a once war-torn land now youthful and ripe, if you know where to look. Let Poland surprise you with native guides, vodkas and romance.

Quiet, hidden bars are a favourite on our New York food tours.

New York Untouched

12 Days, 11 Nights

Date: 2020 TBD

Quiet food destinations surprise even seasoned New Yorkers, epicures and travellers on this tour. Come discover them underneath and beyond the Manhattan you think you know.

ETG Group Travel Tours:
Everything You Want To Know
Before You Request To Book

“How can I tell if I’m going to love these tours?”

Trust me, we’ve all had those thoughts:

  • will I really get a local experience? Really?
  • will I have to play the unpack-repack game every couple of days?
  • will I get a good night’s sleep?
  • what if there’s a sour-puss in the group who dampens the mood?

Back when we gave birth to Epicure Travel Group we decided those couldn’t even be an option on our tours. These Famously Asked Questions aim to tell you why.

We’ll also go on record to say this for the good night’s sleep – mum is like the princess and the pea, except replace the pea with a pin drop and the hundred mattresses with construction grade lead walls. Without windows. Same goes for stairs, sunlight, springiness of the bed and – bonus points if you catch this one outta left field – quality hand soap. Rest easy – mum is in charge of accommodation and your night’s sleep… sorted.

Which Destination Will Suit Me Best?

Of course you’re thinking about climate, time of year, accommodation, duration and all the other primary trip planning criteria. All great travellers do.

But please stop. I’m going to let you skip ahead a step.

After 40+ years eating across the world, entertaining guests in our homes and around the world on group travel tours, we want to look after YOU. We love working out the little details – and even the big ones. So leave it to us.

Cinque Terre in summer but away from the crowds? Check.

Private car from the airport? Check.

Meeting you at arrivals so you don’t have to become a U.N. interpreter in 13 minutes? Check – that too.

All you need to do is choose the trip that calls to you. Close your eyes for a second (maybe after you’ve read the rest of this!), go to your happy place and click the trip that most looks like what you see.

Of course, if you really need help narrowing it down, the four of us are here to help find a match for you or even just answer a couple of questions to get you started.

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

– Dr. Seuss

Why Are There Less Than 10 Trips To Choose?

Honestly? Not everywhere we’ve been is worth a tour. And we personally test and escort every trip… just like Heston does a dry run before launching a menu.

All this experience has taught us the one cardinal rule of hosting group travel tours:

You can’t delegate travel – not to Google Images, not to Instagram nor even someone else. You have to invest yourself fully, especially when you won’t accept anything less than spectacular. As real travellers, we all deserve to slow down and do it right.

So when it comes to planning group travel tours, we’ve got standards.

Regions are rough and impossibly beautiful. Meals are friendly, because they’re with our friends – people we’d like you to meet. Accommodation gently wiggles the region into your soul long after lights out. Most of all, every moment has to whisper you secrets that send shivers through your bones.

Maybe it’s a luxury villa quietly perched on the French Alpilles mountains. Or a castle still home to 5 generations of a Polish family. A bakery that was a cattle barn in a past life or a vineyard fermenting with biodynamic amphorae and local oak.

Creating trips like this means investing time – and plenty of good red – to weed out the average and keep only the extraordinary.

So all you have to do is turn up, ready to enjoy moments that read like Jane Austen and feel like Sinatra.

Who Will I Be Travelling With?

Two words: Best. Friends.

You know the kind of people who don’t mind if you snaffle the last handcut fry?

Or who you’d let lick your ice cream? (share ice cream… what!? Yes, you will love them that much).

And also the kind of people who know you’re always 15 minutes late so they tell you dinner at 6.45 when everyone else turns up at 7. They don’t mind that you want to see a musical whilst they get tickets to the game – they’re happy you get to do something you love.

That’s how we select each guest from all the travellers who request to book our group travel tours. Then we make sure that you’re a fit for the group and yes, your roommate if you’re coming solo. (More on that in a second).

Of course, you also get 4 private hosts and guides: us.

Think of us as your hosts as well as your concierge (of Hilton training and experience), sommelier (because we’ve studied with Australia’s renowned wine critic Huon Hooke) and even qualified, fine-dining chef (my sister, Alex, can reconstruct your palate flavour by texture in a single amuse-bouche).

We personally host every tour so you’re travelling with people you already know (once you’ve gotten to chat with us) and you already feel comfortable with.

I’m Booking For One – Do I Have to Share A Room?

When you’re traveling with people who’ve been hand picked to click with you, why wouldn’t you want to?

We’re not matchmakers, but we do have a freakishly-accurate sense of personal compatibility.

Of course, if you do want your own room, you always have that option too – just mark it on your booking request or let us know if you change your mind during the tour and we’ll arrange it where possible.

“Travel… the best way to be lost and found at the same time.”

– Brenna Smith

Once I’ve Chosen, How Do I Book?

Excellent! This link will take you right there:

Go Ahead and Request To Book Here >>

Our European and Asia-Pacific tours sell out every year so after you send your form through we’ll take anywhere between 30 minutes – 24 hours to review your request, make sure there’s space and offer a couple of times to meet you over Skype or FaceTime.

Why Must I Request To Book?

You may have noticed the sheer volume of planning and thought that goes into crafting unique group travel tours here at ETG. And it continues through the guest-to-tour matching process. Which is why there are three simple reasons you request to book first:

  • ETG tours fill fast as new tours become available (past guests rebook, referrals and sometimes even waitlists jump on them), so we check there are still places available or that we can open more up.
  • Every group has its unique flavour and style created by the people in it, so we meet you first to run you through what to expect and confirm you’re willing and will enjoy this group’s style!
  • Travel is almost a consumable commodity these days and our philosophy is to keep it personal so everyone, including you, gets the trip that’s right for them.

So if you’ve found one of our group travel tours that catches your eye, request to book as soon as possible.

We can even offer you payment plans to manage the investment if you need once you’re in.

I’m Vegetarian, Gluten Free Or Allergic To X – Can I Still Come?

Come here, friend of the fauna. We’re all for equality and believe discrimination should walk a thousand miles in someone else’s 9-inch heels before passing any judgement (preferably never judging at all).

As long as you can handle your fellow guests preparing or enjoying *fill in your blank here*, then you’re welcome to request a place on every ETG tour. We do menu adjustments to suit you – just remember you will be on a food tour, so it’s probably not for you if you don’t eat fats or garlic or any animal products at all.

There is, however, one mandatory requirement: you must love wine.

Whether you’re an oenophile cellaring a case of ‘88 Bordeaux or a debutant eager to get your tongue around tannins and minerality, a big part of all ETG group travel tours is the noblest form of the grape – wine.

If you’re ready to enjoy this all in a comfortable, humble tasting environment, you’re welcome to request to book here.

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