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Extraordinary Food Tours For Epicures.

Ep . i . cure \ ˈepɪkjʊr \ :
a person devoted to sensuous pleasures, esp. in food and wine.

“I Want To…”

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Welcome to
Epicure Travel Group
“The best food tours
and travel community
on the web
(and in the world)”

Or so we’ve been told.

If your ideal holiday is pickling yourself with cheap coconut rum on a beach, please click the ‘back’ button immediately.

But if you’re more a traveller than tourist, welcome to ETG. Where ‘trips of a lifetime’ last way beyond a plane flight.

In today’s world every man and his dog thinks they know the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ places to go. They think because it’s number 1 on Tripadvisor it’ll please everyone.

But you’re not everyone. And ‘best’ is so… risky. (Like a “fantastic” bottle of wine under $20. Very suspicious.)

That’s why we gave away the fragile world of rankings. Let travel agents and tourists fight over them with their discounts and ‘special’ offers.

We know who we are. We’re not for glitz, popularity or stereotypical shots you could find on Google.

We’re for photos that transport you back to that unforgettable moment…
And flavours that linger in your best dreams…
And friendships that last a lifetime, with people you haven’t even met yet.

Our food tours… turn your passport into a family heirloom. (our guests’ words, not ours).

How do we do it? And more importantly, why?

Because every country, every city, every farm, room and restaurant we’ll take you to, we choose for it’s realness. And because we believe truly unforgettable travel has to include at least these 4 elements:

  1. Local flavours
  2. Ethical eating
  3. Abundant generosity
  4. and

  5. Good, honest people that leave a mark for the better.

So listen…

We live in a world of fascinating people. And infinite potential to do extraordinary things. Where the right moment can make you smile like you’ve got teeth even Julia Roberts would envy.

And that… that’s the world we can show you.

It’s all here. Right in front of you.

So go ahead, start your journey here.


“Travel is the only thing you buy,
that makes you richer.”

Edward Foliage

So, Where’s Calling Your Name, Traveller?

Come peruse our upcoming international food tours.

Thumb through your dreams.

Mark the dates in with a big, fat Sharpie in your calendar.

Even request your place on one. (and a second, because you can).

It’s all here. Waiting for you to discover.

Take Me There

“I don’t know how
they did it.
Everything about
these food tours
was different
(and way beyond)
anything I’d experienced
or expected before.”

We’re serious about being different.

Think about it. What makes truly outstanding food tours these days?

It’s no longer what you eat or where you dine. Anyone can Google restaurant names and reviews.

Truly great travel has to change you.

The tour philosophy should be the backbone to every single moment you taste, listen and enjoy what’s in front of you.

Imagine a food tour based just on taste and ticking boxes. And now imagine a 12-day foodie immersion that connects you to flavour through the soil, farm and kitchen… with best friends you haven’t even met yet.

Welcome to the ETG difference.

And that’s just the beginning.

Come on in, take your first lick of a dream tour.

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